Film Info:

Stephen King

Stanley Kubrick


Executive Producer:

Jack Nicholson
Shelley Duvall

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The Shining


Opening with spectacular aerial shots of a beautiful, mountainous landscape, THE SHINING, based on Stephen King's best-selling novel, sucks the viewer into his frightening tale with quiet, relaxing visuals--but the ominous soundtrack warns that all is not right at the gorgeous Overlook Hotel. Jack Torrance , a Vermont schoolteacher, accepts a job as the winter caretaker of the glorious early-20th-century resort that operates only in warm weather because the snowy roads deny access in the colder months. Jack brings his wife, Wendy, with him, as well as his young son, Danny --who brings with him a little boy named Tony who lives in his mouth. As the Torrances settle in for the long, lonely months ahead, strange, unexplainable things start occurring in the hotel--and in every scene Jack seems to be growing a little more evil and dangerous....

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