Film Info:

Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi

Robert G. Tapert

Executive Producer:

Bruce Campbell
Betsy Baker

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Anchor Bay

The Evil Dead


The Evil Dead (The Ultimate Experience in Grueling Horror) is a classic cult horror film. Five college kids take a holiday in a remote log cabin where they find the mysterious Book of the Dead (The Necronomicon) and a tape recording that belonged to the owner of the cabin. In the surrounding Tennessee forest the evil dead lie in wait for the ancient incantation that will give them license to inhabit bodies of the living. The five friends listen to the tape recording and unwittingly resurrect the slumbering demons. One by one, Cheryl, Scotty, Linda and Shelly are possessed by the spirits of the dead and turned into grotesque murdering zombies whose thirst for revenge is insatiable. As the night wanes, only one man remains: Ash (Bruce Campbell). He must now defend himself while trying to uncover the horrible secret of The Evil Dead.

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